18.04 - 31.05.1998

Piotr Kurka
sculpture, objects, photography, painting

Curator: Marek Gozdziewski

I use simple objects in human's proximity. I sometimes transform them. (...) I cancel or weaken their primary functions. This is what helps to make stresses and links, which are sometimes instantly sensed, sometimes deeply buried - visible. (...) The works, in which so basic forces as love, hatred and gravitation dominate, demand exceptional care for their environment.

Piotr Kurka: Writing with an object

The only thing I perceive in Piotr Kurka's works is their common trace, i.e. their poetic aura of the objects, which recoil from the common and at the same time feed on it.
They construct their own narrative structure (...) the simplicity of the works (...) does not allow the literary anecdote as an interpretation. The literary character is possible merely in its surface reading. For the same reason each of the objects used by the artist resembles a symbol. (...) Their symbolic nature crosses the frontiers between cultural conventions. This very moment is not possible to be grasped by the interpreter with his conventional language.

Tomasz Szczuka, 1995

The exhibition presents the works from the years 1993 - 98.
The title "Love & Gravity" may refer to the interpretation of the language of psychoanalysis, proposed by Slavoj Zizek, in the light of the general relativity theory. Emotions play the role of the "gigantic masses" remoulding the space, where the objects of desire from the sphere of culture appear.
Emotions such as love and hatred, sex and aggression cause the strongest changes. They also undergo the remoulding under the pressure of the above mentioned objects. The exhibition represents the artist's analytic view on himself and the world filtered through the medium of "culture", undermined by perversion and irony.

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