March 16 – May 26, 2013


Artists: Evgenia Belorusets / Євгенія Бєлорусець; Anatolii Byelov / Анатолій Белов; Lesia Khomenko / Леся Хоменко; Ihor Diurych / Ігор Дюрич; Predmetiv Group (Oleksandr Burlaka and Ivan Melnychuk); Ksenia Hnylycka / Ксенія Гнилицька; Oleksandr Hnylyckyi / Олександр Гнилицький; Oleh Holosyi / Олег Голосій; Hudrada; Alevtina Kakhidze / Алевтина Кахідзе; Nikita Kadan / Нікіта Кадан; Zhanna Kadyrova / Жанна Кадирова; Oleksandr Kurmaz / Олександр Курмаз; Volodymyr Kuznetsov / Володимир Кузнєцов; Vasyl Lozynskyi / Василь Лозинський; Maksym Mamsikov / Максим Мамсіков; Viktor Marushchenko / Віктор Марущенко; Boris Mikhailov / Борис Михайлов; Roman Minin / Роман Мінін; Lada Nakonechna / Лада Наконечна; Ihor Podolchak / Ігор Подольчак; Taras Polataiko / Тарас Полатайко; R.E.P.; Mykola Ridnyi / Микола Рідний; Andriy Sahaydakovskyi / Андрій Сагайдаковський; Arsen Savadov / Арсен Савадов; SOSka Group; Visual Culture Research Center / Центр візуальної культури; Volodymyr Vorotniov / Володимир Воротньов; Anna Zvyagintseva / Анна Звягінцева.

Opening of the exhibition: March 15, 2013 at 6 p.m.
On view through: May 26, 2013
Curator: Marek Go¼dziewski
The exhibition is accompanied by lectures program curated by Oleksander Soloviov

Центр Сучасного Мистецтва запрошує взяти участь в кураторській екскурсії по виставці UKRAINIAN NEWS, яка показує художні тенденції останніх років в Україні.
Екскурсії відбудуться 26 травня 2013 р. в 15.00 та 17.00.
Екскурсії безкоштовні, зустріч при вході біля кас . 
Під час зустрічі буде присутній куратор проекту Марек Годзевський.
Екскурсії українською мовою проведе Ксенія Каневська.




The exhibition UKRAINIAN NEWS at the Centre for Contemporary Art Zamek Ujazdowski in Warsaw brings together for the first time a variety of engaged artistic practices from contemporary Ukraine. Focusing on the work of activist groups as well as individual artists, the exhibition shows conventions that transcend the accustomed artistic approaches. The Post-Soviet condition of Ukrainian society is represented through the work of various sorts - from street artists to intellectual communities involved in current social struggles.

In recent years, the contemporary art scene of Eastern Europe has seen an outburst of artistic engagement into social and political agendas of the Post-Communist Societies marked with the advance of neocapitalism. In particular, the context of Ukraine had experienced a proliferation of politically engaged artistic practices and approaches. This process was triggered, on the one hand, by the multitude of movements and groups that emerged in the aftermath of the Orange Revolution of 2004, and on the other hand by the advent of private capital into the local art scene, coupled with the drastic privatization of the public space. In this situation, various cultural and artistic initiatives had taken up a role of civic agents or merely activist groups, forming political demands and carrying out the functions of “civil society”, largely absent in the post-Soviet context.
Numerous artists and groups undertook attempts to engage with the harsh social conditions and transform them by means available through their practice. Artistic methods became the important actors in the fight for urban space, as well as in the struggles for minority rights and in counteracting the discriminative policies of the state. The field of art has become the laboratory for the strictly social phenomena like grassroots movements, self-organized communities and anti-hierarchical organizations.

Events accompanying the exhibition UKRAINIAN NEWS:

March 16, 2013 at 2 p.m., KINO.LAB
, lecture

Ukrainian contemporary art actually began in the mid-1980s, shortly before the recovery of Ukraine's national independence as an element of the broader process of change. The 90s did not consist solely of polictical changes, but also generational, and along with them, in an artistic environment, new means of expression appeared and they re-shaped thematic preferences. Oleksandr Soloviov will present iconic figures from the world of Ukrainian art from the period of independence, and will present its current trends as well as the dynamics of the changes in relation to the political and social transformation.
The lecture is accompanying the exhibition "Ukrainian News" and the inauguration of a cycle prepared by Oleksandr Soloviov.
The introduction to the lecture will be led by Natalia Zabolotna, director of the Mystetskyi Arsenal in Kiev.

Natalia Zabolotna is the General Director of Mystetskyi Arsenal, founder and publisher of the leading Ukrainian art magazine „ART Ukraine”. She is also the author and director of various successful art projects: ART KYIV contemporary (annually since 2006), Great Sculpture Exhibition (annually since 2006), Great Antique Exhibition (annually since 2008), Fine Art Ukraine (annually since 2009), International Arsenal Book Fair & Festival (2011), First International Week of Contemporary Art Space Odyssey (2011) and the Independent exhibition (2011).

Oleksandr Soloviov (born in 1952) is a Kiev based critic and curator, one of the most important figures in the Ukrainian art world, curator at the Pinchuk Art Centre since 2004, from 2010 - Deputy Director of the Mystetskyi Arsenal in Kiev.

March 16, 2013 at 3 p.m. – 6 p.m., Gallery 2

Hudrada, "Portfolio Review: The Great and the Good"
Renowned Ukrainian curatorial group Hudrada is inviting artists from Poland to participate in its Portfolio Review. Our curatorial group, which has become known all over the world thanks to a series of events which have shaken the general public, has decided that a meeting with Polish artists should be an essential part of the ongoing Warsaw exhibition Ukrainian News. During this meeting, we will exchange with you our news from Ukraine, in addition to which we propose that interested Polish artists show us what it is they understand by the idea “an artist’s portfolio”. Subsequent to our dialogue, we hope to meet artists who are willing and able to take part in a series of exhibitions which Hudrada will organize, according to later discussions, in community centres and in a library in Kiev.
Read more about Ukrainian curatorial group Hudrada:

March 16, 2013 at 6 p.m., Gallery 2

Vasyl Lozynskyi, KYIV VICE, performance

Vasyl Lozynskyi reads his poetry that reflects on TV-series Miami Vice’s paradoxical relevance for Ukraine in the conditions of the increasing mores censorship.

Vasyl Lozynskyi (born in 1982 in Lviv) - poet, translator, performer. Graduated from German Philology at Ivan Franka University in Lviv. Translates from Polish and German. Member of the editorial office of the literary-artistic magazine „PROstory” and Hudrada collective. Lives in Kiev.

May 9, 2013 at 5.30 p.m, Galeria Wej¶cie
performance by WASYL £OZYNSKI KYIV VICE: militia of morality

Vasyl Lozynskyi will read his poetry, for which the reference point is the American TV series "Miami Vice", which is, paradoxically, a very apt description of the intensifying moral censorship as well as economic inequality in Ukraine.

Vasyl Lozynskyi
(born 1982 Lviv, Ukraine) – poet, translator, curator, performer, literary and art critic. Since 2008 member of the curatorial group Hudrada and editorial board of the journal for literature and art "PROstory". He has organized many discussions and readings, e.g. "Another work", Foundation Contemporary Art Centre, 2009 and Visual Culture Research Centre, 2010 (Kyiv), "Readings of polish poetry" at "Kyivski Lavry", participant at the discussion and reading "Ukraine-Germany in friendly mirror", 2012 (Berlin) and curator of the "Literary Letter Club". Lozynskyi translates poetry and prose from German and Polish. His poems, translations and essays were published in journals "PROstory", "Krytyka", "Sho", "Chetver".

May 9, 2013 at 6 p.m., Education Room
lecture by NIKITA KADAN Complicated relations. Ukrainian art between institutions and self-organisation

The lecture will be devoted to independent initiatives, organized and run by the artists themselves. These spaces, institutions, noncommercial and nonconformist programs, created in a horizontal manner, ensure equal rights to its participants and provide a place of interdisciplinary cooperation.The lecture will present the relationship between self-organized and institutionalized forms of creating and presenting art. Also, the lecture will include themes concerning the censorship of art in public institutions as well as extreme rightwing invasions in the field of art.

Nikita Kadan
(born 1982, Kiev) – works at the crossing of many disciplines, with installation, graphics, painting, mural drawings, posters in the city. Often works in the interdisciplinary collaboration - with architects, human rights watch activists and sociologysts.
Since 2004 year is a member of R.E.P. (Revolutionary experimental space) artists group. Co-founder (2008) and a member of HUDRADA (Artistic committee) curatorial and activist group. Lives in Kyiv.

Organizer: Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle

The project was implemented with the financial support of the City of Warsaw

Partners: Polish Institute, Kiev, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kiev, National Museum in Ukraine

Artistic partner: Ya Gallery Art Centre

Technical partner: Epson

CCA media patronage: Aktivist, Exklusiv, Stolica, Elle Decoration




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