EPAF 2010
07 – 09.10.2010
special guest Nigel Rolfe

EPAF 2010
07 – 09.102010

Artists: Michał Bałdyga (Poland), Przemysław Branas (Poland), Colm Clarke (Northern Ireland), Hugh O'Donnell (Northern Ireland), Enric Fort (Spain), Michał Górczyński (Poland), Nyan Lin Htet (Burma/France), Przemysław Przepióra (Poland), Nadia Salom (USA/Germany), Eric Scott Nelson (USA/South Korea), Myroslav Vayda (Ukraine), Natalia Wi¶niewska (Poland)

Special guest: Nigel Rolfe (Ireland)

Opening of the Festival 7th October 2010, 18.00
Curator: Waldemar Tatarczuk
Cooperation: Grzegorz Borkowski, Marta Ryczkowska, Paulina Kempisty

EPAF Festival has been organized since 2004 (in Warsaw since 2006), and each year it presents a different selection of developments in the broad area of performance art around the world. The previous four editions of the festival have featured 70 artists from 20 different countries, representing various trends in performance art: from classic body art to sound poetry, actions associated with Fluxus, durational performance, sound performance, video performance, installations and many others. Those performing at EPAF included established artists from Poland (Zbigniew Warpechowski, Jerzy Bere¶, Jan ¦widziński) and abroad (e.g. Stuart Brisley, Boris Nieslony, Alastair Maclennan, Esther Ferrer) as well as artists of the young generation. EPAF is the only performance art festival in Poland, and one of the few in the world, to have an Open Programme for proposals submitted by young artists.

Each edition of the festival has its peculiar character. Last year, the focus of attention was on female artists. This year, we have suggested that artists perform actions in the city’s public space in addition to their indoor presentations at the Centre for Contemporary Art. Actions in public space have been an essential part of action art and performance art since as early as the 1960s. Some of the most outstanding artists include Roland Miller, Petr Stembera, Pat Oleszko, Valie Export or the Academy of Movement.
This year’s EPAF will be an opportunity to experience how young artists use public space in their art.

We will see 24 performances from 12 artists selected for the Open Programme: 12 performances will take place at Laboratorium CSW, and 12 in the open space near Ujazdowski Castle, Na Rozdrożu Square and Ujazdowskie Avenue.


Organizers: CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Art and Present Time Foundation

The Festival is organized thanks to financial support of the City of Warsaw


Media patrons: Gazeta Wyborcza, Trójka - Program 3 Polskiego Radia, Stolica, Aktivist, Exklusiv,,, Elle Decoration 


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